Thursday, March 16, 2017

2015 Portfolio

New for 2015

All my written pieces for 2015. See the first post for more details about the Mentonomicon.
Wiki Project: Turbo Time (HuCard) - A thorough examination of the TG16's output, after another completed project for the Giant Bomb wiki.
Wiki Project: Turbo Time (CD) - Same as above, only covering the TurboGrafx-CD and its library. It's fortunately only half as large as the HuCard library.
Wiki Project: Super '94 Q1* - More SNES Wiki updates, only in quarterly form.
Wiki Project: Super '94 Q4* - The culmination of six months of work on the Giant Bomb wiki. My largest "project" to date.
Wiki Project: Summer Games Wiki'd Quick - A project to ensure that every game featured in the 2015 Summer Games Done Quick speedrun charity event had Giant Bomb wiki pages of acceptable quality.

What Is Lightning Returns? Part 1 - The first in a six part series exploring the utterly bizarre and mostly overlooked third game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Intended for those who had already written the FFXIII games off.

Mento Gear Solid 3: Snark Eater Part 1* - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Konami, 2004). An "Observation Logs" format LP, to continue with this series.

Mento Gear Solid 4: Puns of the Patriots Part 1* - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Konami, 2008), To conclude the series.

Pillars of Eternity: First Impressions - A three part series looking at Obsidian's 2015 Infinity Engine homage Pillars of Eternity. I explore how the game diverges from its inspiration as a veteran of Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale et al.

Scenic Routes: Super Mario 64 (Part One) - A seven-part series that explores Nintendo's N64 launch game classic and its imaginative approach to creating challenges that work in a 3D environment. Inspired somewhat by Jeremy Parish's "Anatomy of" series.

An Estival ST Festival: Fantasy World Dizzy (Codemasters, 1991 (ST version)) - A seven-part series that looks at games for the Atari ST, a system popular in Europe that also happened to be the first platform I ever owned. It turned 30 years old this June.
An Estival ST Festival: Wizball (Sensible Software, 1988 (ST))
An Estival ST Festival: Elite (Mr. Micro/Firebird, 1988 (ST))
An Estival ST Festival: Double Dragon I & II (Binary Design/Technos Japan, 1989 (ST))
An Estival ST Festival: Space Crusade (Gremlin Graphics/Games Workshop, 1992)
An Estival ST Festival: Buggy Boy & Chase HQ (Tatsumi/Taito, 1988/1989 (ST))

ST-urday #001: Bubble Bobble (Taito/Software Creations, 1987 (ST)) - ST-urday is a weekly feature that continues to look at Atari ST games.
ST-urday #002: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (LJN/Ocean Software, 1992 (ST))
ST-urday #006: Cadaver (Bitmap Brothers, 1990)
ST-urday #012: Kid Gloves (Millennium Interactive, 1990)
ST-urday #013: Shadoworlds (Krisalis Software, 1992)
ST-urday #016: Wizkid (Sensible Software, 1992)
ST-urday #017: North & South (Infogrames, 1989)
ST-urday #018: Xenon & Xenon 2: Megablast (The Bitmap Brothers, 1988/1989)
ST-urday #020: Black Lamp (Firebird, 1988)
ST-urday #022: Drakkhen (Infogrames, 1989)
ST-urday #023: Seconds Out (Tynesoft, 1988)
ST-urday #024: HeroQuest (Gremlin Graphics, 1991)
ST-urday #025: Rod Land (The Sales Curve/Jaleco, 1991)
ST-urday #026: Night Shift (LucasFilm/Attention to Detail, 1990)

Mento's May Mastery: Day 01: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream - New variation for May Madness this year, focusing instead on trying to beat a smaller number of games for a more comprehensive analysis. These games are all "white whales" of mine.
Mento's May Mastery: Day 06: SPAZ (MinMax Games, 2011)
Mento's May Mastery: Day 09: The Room (Fireproof Games, 2012)
Mento's May Mastery: Day 19: Claire (Hailstorm Games, 2014)
Mento's May Mastery: Day 23: The Nightmare Cooperative & Lilly Looking Through (Lucky Frame, 2014 and Geeta Games, 2013 respectively)

Mento's Alternative to E3 2015: Day 0 - An annual custom, taking the four days that comprise of E3 (including the day before the floor opens during which the majority of the conferences are held) and finding something else to talk about for those beleaguered by the industry hype machine. This year: N64 platformers, as an accompaniment to the above "Scenic Routes: Super Mario 64" feature.

The Comic Commish: Harvester - A new year, a new season of The Comic Commish. Going to look at games that people have gifted me, many of which are gag presents.

Welcome to Go! Go! GOTY! '15 - A new season of the daily blog feature that looks at missed games released earlier the same year for some last minute GOTY inspiration. This "Welcome" blog includes a contents page for the following.

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